TRE Employee TRE Feedback Survey

TRE Employee TRE Feedback Survey


The HR Department of one of the largest companies in its industry, in the globe, realized the stressful impact of Lockdown on their employees in Africa, and how it was affecting their wellness, wellbeing and performance. They engaged the services of Stress Free with TRE to facilitate 20 employees, some HR Managers. The participants were divided into two group workshops of 10 employees each.

1. Our Flagship Method: TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises/Experience) Workshop which consists of 6 weekly sessions, each 1hr 15 min long.

TRE is a self-help empowering tool to get rid of stress and trauma from deep cellular memory where it is stored; and it is a self-help, empowering tool, for life, to mitigate future stress and trauma – always bringing the mind body complex back to balance and boosting one’s immunity, so all body functioning is optimal.

2. De-Stress Tool: 1 x Workshop of 1 hour 15 min

  • Abdominal Breath Work
  • Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Creative Visualization 

These workshops were highly interactive, with feedback during the sessions and time for questions, and they did have the opportunity to contact the trainer or support.

During the TRE Workshop, they were encouraged, after the 3rd session to try the practice of TRE at home.

Accountability Group

We set up an Accountability WhatsApp Group, so that employees could motivate and challenge the team to practice TRE at home after the 3rd session. They were able to share their experiences and ask general questions, and private questions were emailed to the trainer.

Given the increase in mental health challenges due to Lockdown, these two workshops met the company mandate and achieved outstanding results. Here is a brief summary.

  1. The employees felt calmer and more relaxed
  2. Many slept better
  3. Better copying skills, better work performance
  4. Boosted the immune system and ailments improved.
  5. Feeling happier and less angry, fearful, irritable and reactive etc.

Please refer to the Client Feedback Survey below which details the results and benefits.


1 What personal challenges brought you to TRE? (List of options not offered)
  1. Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Anxiety Attacks, Fear, Overwhelm by end of the day (7)
  2. Anxious, Worry, Negative Thoughts, Mind won’t switch off (2)
  3. Inability to Concentrate (2)
  4. Migraines, Headaches (2)
  5. Insomnia, couldn’t sleep, Wake up several times a night (4)
  6. Physically, mentally, emotionally tired all the time (2)
  7. Experiencing a lot of pressure: work & home; Not able to balance work and family life (2)
  8. Joined TRE to help me manage daily workloads (3)
  9. Relationship problems, pending divorce (1)
  10. Family Tragedy: Illness & Death. Nursing family member – work suffered (1)
  11. Joined TRE mainly to learn techniques, to de-stress and journey through to self-wellbeing (1)
  12. Joined as part of the HR team to understand the process to give feedback to staff that are interested in the future (1)
  13. Suggested by Manager to Attend/Offered it at work (1)
  14. Generally, I had a lot of stress due to work. I had a colleague who left the company and I have to cover her place until we get a replacement. (1)
2 How easy was it to learn the TRE Exercises?
  1. Very Easy (1)
  2. Easy (13)
  3. Difficult (0)
  4. Very Difficult (0)
3 Indicate where your body experienced trembling/tremoring/shaking
  1. Thigh and/or legs (15)
  2. Hips and/or Abdomen, Chest (7)
  3. Shoulders and/or back (2)
  4. Arms, hands and/or neck, head and face (0)
  5. Participant: After 3 sessions, I felt the tremoring increase and session 6 was the highlight of all sessions!
4 Which detox symptoms did you experience?
  1. Headaches, nausea (5)
  2. Body pain, old injuries ached, stiffness (3)
  3. Felt emotions more intensely for a few days: anger, fear, irritability, impatience, anxiety etc. (3)
  4. Out of body sensation, feeling spacey (3)
  5. Initially more exhausted (3)
  6. Remembering my dreams again (1)
  7. No Detox Symptoms (1)
  8. None of the Above (0)
5 Since doing TRE, in what ways has your mental health and wellbeing improved?
  1. Better quality sleep, deeper sleep and/or Insomnia gone (9)
  2. Migraines, Headaches gone (2)
  3. Abdominal pain less or gone (1)
  4. Less Reactive, Calmer (6)
  5. Less Anxious, Stressed, Fearful, Depressed (7)
  6. Worry Less, More positive (3)
  7. Better mental agility, processing, memory, better decisions (2)
  8. More in Control, Manage Better (3)
  9. Feel more balanced, grounded, and more present in my body (2)
  10. Self-Awareness: greater awareness of thoughts & behaviour (3)
  11. More patient, understanding and compassionate (2)
  12. Less conflict, improved relationships (3)
  13. Feel more energetic, resilient and coping skills improved (6)
  14. Generally better (2)
6 Do you feel safe and comfortable to continue your TRE practice and to use TRE as a tool to mitigate future stress?
  1. Maybe (1)
  2. Yes (13)
  3. No (0)
7 A. Would you recommend TRE to your colleagues, family & friends?
  1. Yes (14)
  2. No (0)
7 B. Comments from Participants:
  1. I work in a business area where there is a lot of pressure and stress surrounding us. At any point it becomes unbearable, so there is a need to have these sessions for all.
  2. I recommend this to colleagues and friends because I have tested and felt the results
  3. Yes, I have already recommended it to my husband ? I would recommend it to my colleagues, too, although I know it will be difficult for many of them to commit to an hour a week – which I think is important to get the most out of the process.
  4. I think everyone really needs to take the time out for the sake of their mental health and, in the end, it will have a positive impact on how they approach their work as well as in their personal lives
8 Rate your overall experience of the TRE Workshop (6 sessions)
  1. Poor (0)
  2. Average (0)
  3. Good (5)
  4. Excellent (9)
9 What recommendations do you have to improve TRE sessions? Comments
  1. Perfect as it is
  2. No recommendations – enjoyed as is
  3. Important to keep the sessions to the time allocated
  4. Everything was Amazing
10 Rate your facilitator Verona
  1. Poor (0)
  2. Reasonable (0)
  3. Good (0)
  4. Very Good (6)
  5. Excellent (8)
  6. Thank you, Verona, for being such a wonderful facilitator. You have such a calm, positive energy about you and your passion for what you do shines through! I really appreciate having had the opportunity to go through the programme so thanks to ………, too, for inviting me to join.
11 Anything else you would like to add? (Taken from Survey & Emails)
  1. It was wonderful to have interacted with you. I want to say thank you for passing the tools onto us. For me, having a very senior role in the organization, this is something I can take with me anywhere to help re-centre
  2. Now I have tools to deal with stress. Thank you.
  3. I have also become more aware of my body and when I should listen to my body and relax.
  4. I will continue to practice TRE once a week and even more if I feel I need it.
  5. Helped so much to reduce my anxiety
  6. Due to pending divorce, my current situation is very stressful, without TRE I would have been in a worse mental state
  7. Happy to know that everyone experiences this process differently, It is my journey!
  8. I can now sleep all night without interruption, my stress levels decreased considerably, and I can now manage all issues related to work and I don’t take the work problems personally.
  9. I feel better and I am able to cope with daily work/life demands
  10. Unfortunately, I could only attend 4 of the 6 sessions but definitely felt I got the full experience of TRE. Thank you for all your guidance over the weeks
  11. I am feeling calm and I realized and, now know, how to read my body’s needs. I am able to handle the daily stress more and I am not getting overwhelmed anymore.
  12. I need to be in control of my mental health and I feel TRE and the De-Stress tools are excellent coping skills
  13. Awesome sessions. A good trainer coupled with a great team is all I needed, and this was great!
  14. It is worth the one hour and looking forward to next session
  15. Good experience for the brain as well as the body.
  16. I actually do the sessions at home especially when I feel am stressed so that I can get mental relief
  17. Realizing the importance of taking the time out (even if only an hour a week) to stretch, calm my mind, and just do something totally for myself
  18. Generally, I have felt less anxious and more positive
  19. Better awareness of my physical self and giving my body the rest and respect it needs to support my mental state (connection between body and mind).
  20. I have enjoyed the calm “Zen” feeling after completing a session… and feeling tired in a good way (relaxed sleepiness)
  21. Although I do feel like it came at the right time in my life as I have been dealing with a lot of change in personal and work life… and I am not typically so great with ‘change’.. So, the TRE sessions have been a great time for me to step away from the usual day-to-day and do something different, fun, and relaxing. I have really enjoyed the experience.
  22. I attended one session. My schedule did not allow me the time to attend any more sessions. I could feel the benefits after one session and I would like to take it up again when my schedule affords me the opportunity to do so.
  23. I really enjoyed the process
  24. I feel so privileged for the company to have allowed me do these sessions.
  25. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and thank you for embracing our joys.
  26. Thanks Verona for all the great TRE sessions over the last 6 weeks

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