Companies With More Female Executives – Enhance Companies Performance & Profits


Good News For Women – Break Through Opportunities!

Companies with More Female Executives & Managers Make More Money

Among the world’s largest 500 companies, only 10.9 percent of senior executives are women, according to Weber Schandwick GFP Index. A significant share of the companies, 37 percent, have all-male leadership teams, while an additional 21 percent have only one woman.


That’s their loss, because there’s substantial evidence that gender diversity at the management level enhances a company’s performance.

Researchers are still trying to figure out exactly why companies with more women at the top make more money.

Breaking News: Women must have at least 40% of board seats by July 2026, EU finally agrees after 10-year battle.

 June 8, 2022



Women’s Workshop: Step Into Your Power

This workshop is for women managers, women aspiring to reach executive status as well as women who which to create their own businesses.


A Workshop to Ignite the Power of Women To Step Into Their Greatest Selves

  • Recognize Your Brilliance
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Recognize & Master Your Fears
  • Quite the Inner Critic & Master Self Doubt
  • Address Your Stress with our Mind Body De-Stress Methods & Practices to bring You to a State of Balance, Wellness and Wellbeing: giving you drive, resilience and confidence
  • Acknowledge your Life’s Challenges and Hardships and Reframe them as Lessons and Steps towards Your Greatest Self
  • Embrace Change
  • Learn how to Root out the False Belief that You are not Good Enough, not Worthy and Build your Self-Esteem
  • Forgive Yourself and Others and Love Yourself
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn to be Assertive
  • Social Styles & Effective Communication
  • Use the Power of Your Mind to Create Your Reality
  • Know that you are Powerful Beyond Measure
  • Connect with your Superconscious and Intuition & Find Your:
    • Passion & Purpose
    • Voice
    • Mission & Vision
  • Craft Your Message, Realize Your Dream
  • Share it with the World


This Workshop can be facilitated as:

  1. A One Day Workshop
  2. Workshop split into 6 Consecutive Weekly @essions of 1 hour 30 minutes per session.


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